The propolis used for the extraction of the soluble components are selected by the quality control team, to ensure the quality of the supplied product to our final costumer we also perform analysis at UNESP in São Paulo. 100% of the honey that arrives at Nectar Floral is inspected and analyzed, only being given the okay for production after being liberated by the control quality team. The analysis realized are strictly followed by the IN 03/2001 Norm from the Ministry of Agriculture.

With the focus to improve even more the system and bring to the final consumers the certainty that the product they are buying will have the desired effect, Nectar Floral has built its own microbiological analysis laboratory, where is realized the antiseptic power analysis, this analysis show us the capacity that our products have in eliminating pathogenic bacteria. The product is produced with the maximum control inside the process, through our HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) we can eliminate and reduce the risks on the process, ensuring that our product arrives to the final consumer with all the safety we could provide.

Nectar Floral also has an integrated quality control system, where it always searches for continuous improvement of its processes. Today Nectar Floral has the Organic Certification and the Seal of Federal inspection (issued by the Ministry of Agriculture).

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